The 7-Step Formula For A Bulletproof Hiring Process

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Written by Chris Martinez, Founder & CEO of DUDE Agency


My name is Chris Martinez and I am Founder & CEO of DUDE Agency, headquartered in Tijuana, Mexico.

Over the past year, I’ve gone from 5 full-time staff to over 30 so needless to say, we’ve done quite a bit of hiring.  

Truth be told, I used to HATE hiring and managing people. I am ashamed to say that I used to view my staff as a “necessary evil” and it hurt me and my business. However, now I know (and hopefully you already know this) that my staff are the single-most important aspect of our company. I think that staff are more important than your product, because your product can become irrelevant overnight, but a great team of people can help figure out a new product or service to help the company recover.

After more than 6X’ing the size of our company in less than 365 days, we’ve developed what I like to call the PERFECT hiring process for web designers and developers. Now if you’re smart, you can probably take this process to hire Admin Assistants, VA’s, Accountant, Lawyers….well probably not lawyers since they typically suck at life, but you get the point.  

So here is my 7-step formula for finding amazing staff who can help you grow your business, make your life easier, and ultimately give you the business that you have always wanted.

  1. Create an amazing job post that attracts people: The interview starts the second the person sends you their resume. If you notice typos, generic cover letters, or anything that demonstrates that they didn’t pay 100% attention to your job requirements then disregard them.

  2. Send a standard email response with questions they have to answer: Create a template email with a handful of questions about their work history and then also about the soft skills and technical skills.  HOW they respond is just as important as WHAT they respond with. If they miss ANYTHING you ask for then disregard them.

  3. Conduct a phone interview: If they pass your email response test, then it’s time to schedule them for a 15-30 minute interview. On this interview you will be looking at their personality and how they communicate and what kind of a person are they. Communication is super important, but more so is being a good human being. We check for both and so should you.

  4. Send some sort of online test with a deadline: If they pass the phone interview, you’ll next want to send them some sort of timed online test with a deadline.  We test our developers on html, css, and php and we use an online tool to conduct it. Each test costs $20 but it’s a drop in the bucket when you think about the cost that hiring the wrong person will have on your company.

  5. In-Person Interview Time: If they pass your online test, then it’s time to bring them into the office.  You will want to have at least 4 people interview them separately and make sure that each person is interviewing a different aspect of them. One should ask them about their values, one about their technical skills, one about their soft skills, and finally one person to make sure that they will fit in culturally with the team. Do not rush this process, but you do want to be conscious of their time so don’t drag it out. At the end of those interviews, everyone needs to agree that a) you would want that person on your team and b) you would be ok working for them one day.  

  6. Time for a Practical Test with a Deadline: After we all agree that this is someone we would definitely want on our team, it’s time for the final test. We send the candidate a test on a project that is a real-life example of something they would need to accomplish in our company. This test always has a deadline and typically we will take whatever time it would take someone who already works for us and then just add one day. If the candidate misses the deadline by just one minute, we pass on them. And then of course if the work is not up to our standards, then we pass on them.

  7. We Make the Offer!! However, if the candidate completes this final test with flying colors, then we make them the offer. By this time, the candidate has invested so much time and they have proven themselves over and over so both us and the candidate know with 100% certainty that this is the right fit.  

So there you have it.  This is our proven 7-step process for hiring the perfect candidates.  

Yes it is long.  

Yes it is hard for both the candidate and for us.  

But if you also believe that PEOPLE are the most important asset of your company then this is a tiny investment tomake that will ultimately help you build the business of your dreams.

Listen to more on building a bulletproof hiring process in my episode with RajNATION on Startup Hypeman: The Podcast.