How To Effectively Market Your SaaS Product To Multiple Target Audiences

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Written by Shilpa Prasad, CGO of YouNoodle


My name is Shilpa Prasad, Chief Growth Officer of YouNoodle.

As a SaaS offering in an overtly busy and crowded global innovation market, we were faced with a not so unusual but complex situation in that we were speaking to multiple target audiences — multiple industries, multiple buyer roles (CEOs to innovation managers, to accelerator managers to consultants to university professors to Innovators in general).

Can we talk to all these various audiences with one story, or should we be telling many stories? For years we told many stories.

In the course of a business, any leader will tell you that that all of us at some point or the other have to speak to multiple audience segments.

However, here’s a few “what not to do” so you can maximize your marketing & sales growth right from the early days.

Different Stories/Pitches for separate audiences DOES NOT WORK!

This approach simply doesn’t work. “Tell me who I’m talking to and I’ll give you the pitch” approach leaves you lacking a strong/clear message for the brand.

A better approach, clearly, is to have a simple, powerful, high-level story that connects all the audiences and supports the brand’s key message and brings all the audiences together even. This however is easier said than done. Leaders need to spend a lot of time outlining the value proposition, for all markets. Specifically, what remains consistent in the story you tell to everyone, and what varies by audience.

Know your audience, Customer is king!

It’s crucial that you understand your audience inside and out. Spend time on building user personas for each of your multiple audiences to better segment the “powerful brand message”. Once you outline the personas and the potential to pay ensure that the product pricing is clear, and allows for self-selection on the customers part

Focus on lead nurturing and retentions!

Each audience is drawn to a different message from your brand. Separate audiences should be reached through a different medium. Create a unique strategy for each audience. Once again, regardless of the message and the medium, the overall company’s brand needs to be consistent and achieve the goals set out, be it to gain loyalty, increase sales, or bring awareness.

Ultimately while the audiences may differ by need, they should not differ in how they feel about your company.

I dive into more of this with RajNATION in my episode of Startup Hypeman: The Podcast. I’m excited for you to listen!

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