How To Assess If Your Marketing Is Ethical

What if your company reached a point where running an ad campaign challenged your personal values and set of morals? Where the upside means massive success, but the downside means doing something that you believe is wrong? In our Season 10 finale I tackle the topic of marketing vs. Propaganda with hip hop recording artist Sir The Baptist. Sir’s music is our show’s theme song — as the self-proclaimed Hip Hop Chaplain, he’s been endorsed by the likes of Jay-Z and Stevie Wonder, and collaborated with artists like Killer Mike and Chance The Rapper. He’s developed an incredible marketing acumen in his time, working at Leo Burnett and even conducting firsthand market research for his album while driving Lyft. He’s also had his own belief set challenged, and we dig into that fine line between marketing and propaganda. There are so many lessons for entrepreneurs packed into this one, and I’m excited to share it with you in our season finale.

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