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Bricks Creative Group: $118k in 14 weeks.

"...he has the ability to help people with many unique problems and that’s what I found very useful. In the beginning of my entrepreneurship path I was all over the place, my messaging needed work and I wasn’t quite targeting the right consumer...
Rajiv helped me to better define my message and tailor my pitch deck to tell a more effective story for increased interest...Rajiv is not your average mentor.
He has style, personality and truly cares. Plus, he raps man. He’s so diverse as a person, which makes him uniquely cool...
Because of him honing my pitch has allowed me to make BRICKS successful. To date we have acquired just under 118K of revenue in retainers and agreements. This is only in 14 weeks...where he played an integral part in my business's development.
He will not steer you wrong and I cannot thank him enough."

- Mark-Anthony Marshall, Founder & CEO