Startups love Startup Hypeman

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Mark-Anthony Marshall | Founder & CEO
Bricks Creative Group

Raj is a modern day wordsmith. He has the ability to help people with many unique problems. He helped me better define my message and tailor my pitch deck to tell a more effective story for increased interest. I’ve used his advice a number of times to acquire clients.

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Mark Wilton | Founder & CEO
Kiwiana Homes

The biggest challenge with any small startup is its ability to clearly and concisely portray exactly what it is we do. After sitting with Raj...I knew to clearly identify the problem my business solves...As a result of his insight, The capital team I pitched to clearly saw the benefit and provided a letter of intent for financial backing of $2 million.

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Will Smith | FOUNDER

Hat tip to RajNATION--You have helped me improve my personal brand in so many ways and contributed so much value to the branding of Vinyl Wax media. Your branding and marketing methods work sir!