Looking to Invest?

As an investor, there's nothing worse than agreeing to meet with a company, only to have their pitch be all over the place. Almost immediately after they start, you hit the "What did I just get myself into?" moment as you realize you're about to lose 60 minutes of your valuable time.

ou can be sure that startups who have gone through RajNATION Innovation's Brand Communication Playbook process have a buttoned-up story and won't waste your time.

ince late 2016, 15 companies have come through RajNATION Innovation, 10 of them with fundraising needs. So far a total of over $13.5 million dollars has been raised or committed across capital raises and competition winnings.

Here's a list of companies currently looking to raise their Seed or Series A round from someone like YOU. Contact Rajiv Nathan at rnathan12@gmail.com for an introduction!


FanFood | #dontmissthebigplay


Muses | Stop Waiting. Start Growing.


Jiffy Rides | Get There In A Jiffy!