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Kiwiana Homes: $2mm VC Investment, 220-500% increase in monthly pipeline.

"The biggest challenge with any small startup is its ability to clearly and concisely portray exactly what it is we do.

I knew I was passionate about what I do - helping Real Estate Investors flip homes profitably - but the ability to clearly talk about it without losing the audience wasn't my biggest strength.

After sitting with Raj to discuss my branding, pitch and even down to my slogan, prior to walking into a Capital Pitch, I knew exactly what my offerings strengths were, how to clearly identify the problem my business solves and the advantages of why using my service will result in more profits for my clients.

As a result of his insight, the capital team I pitched to clearly saw the benefit and provided a letter of intent for financial backing of $2 million.

Needless to say Raj's insight and guidance, again, was instrumental in my success here. Thank you Raj, my most humbled appreciation and I wish you the most success in your future endeavors!!”

- Mark Wilton, Founder & CEO