"That was the best talk I've ever seen!"

RajNATION, Founder of Startup Hypeman, is known for his dynamic personality and not just giving talks, but putting on PERFORMANCES. As the only hybrid of entrepreneur + podcast host + rapper + yoga instructor, you can guarantee you're in for a show. His one-of-a-kind artistry provides information via entertainment and literally brings audiences to their feet, leaving them buzzing about it even weeks after the event. His talent can take your conference, retreat, or corporate event to the next level.


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Workshop description

"We suck at telling our story!" Ever said that to yourself? You have this great product or service, but you're either too technical, too in the weeds, or just say too much to get investors, customers, and stakeholders to listen.

In this workshop, Startup Hypeman Founder Rajiv 'RajNATION' Nathan shares how to craft an elevator pitch that turns heads and gets people to say, "wait, tell me more!". Learn the principles of using storytelling in your pitch deck to get closer to a yes, and go through the exact pitch strategies and formulas that have helped Hypeman clients win pitch competitions, and raise millions of dollars across investor capital, commitments, and competition winnings, and speak with confidence.

You should attend if you plan to fundraise and/or sell your product/service in the next year, AND if you already have a baseline understanding of how to build a pitch deck. You might already have a deck. That's good! We won't cover how to build your deck, but we will cover how to make your deck better.

This isn't your cookie-cutter traditional workshop. This is an EXPERIENCE that will put some serious fuel into your startup.

Previous attendees have called it 'mind-blowing', 'amazing', and "The best part of my day"!

Want a preview of how Raj can move YOU? Check out his 2014 TED Talk: