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Build Your Hype.

Hey SaaS startup: What's your story?


You just got funded. Congrats!

Now what?

It's go time.

The clock on your burn rate starts ticking.

Sales is now your #1 focus.

But your product doesn't just sell itself. In fact, that's why you have a "Request A Demo" button on your homepage.

You're running demos yourself, but that's time-consuming.

So you hire a few salespeople. But they're young and green (that's how you got them for cheap).

Now your team is leaving leads and revenue on the table.

You can't afford that. Because hitting your revenue projections gets you to your next valuation.


You need a pitch that hooks your leads.

You need a story that turns them into customers.

You need a Playbook that trains your team.

You need to hype up your brand.


You need a Hypeman.


What if your team ran demos with...

The showmanship and storytelling of a TED Talk


The confidence and artistry of a rapper


The acumen and savvy of a sales & marketing thought-leader


Startup Hypeman brings THAT type of swagger to your young & green team.

Led by the creative mind of RajNATION, we arm you with

Playbooks & Training for killer demos | Hype Videos

One-of-a-kind marketing tools


Make your audience feel like they just heard their favorite song. 

Sound like a good plan?

Rapping vertical.JPG

I work with startups that need to...

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 1.00.07 PM.png

You get ONE SHOT  to make a first impression

FUND speech.jpg

don't have A compelling story?

Getting too technical in your demos?

Have a bunch of leads that don't convert to customers?