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Hey SaaS startup: What's your story?


You just got funded. Congrats!

Now It’s Go Time.

The clock on your burn rate is ticking.

Your investors just set aggressive goals.

Sales is now your #1 focus.

“How do I make sure I hire the right people,

and get the right message out of my head into theirs?”

It’s time to get outta your own head.

YouR Team Needs A Plan.

a pitch that hooks ‘em.

a great story to tell.

Some Swagger to go sell.

You need to STAND OUT. 

You need a Hypeman.


Hi - I’m RajNATION.

Pitch Master, Rapper, and Founder of Startup Hypeman.

We turn what’s in your head into a clear messaging plan, demo strategy, and sales pump up so that your company pitches your audience with:

  • The showmanship and storytelling of a TED Talk

  • The confidence and artistry of an entertainer

  • The acumen and savvy of an industry thought-leader


Make your audience feel like they just heard their favorite song. 

Sound like a good plan?

Rapping vertical.JPG

We work with startups that need to...

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 1.00.07 PM.png

You get ONE SHOT  to make a first impression

FUND speech.jpg

Feel like your pitch is only a 6/10?

Getting to the end of demo calls only to find out they don’t have budget?

got aggressive sales goals?