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The Hypeman For EVERY Type of Founder


I’ve heard it all…

“We have a complex product that’s hard to describe.”

“We don’t have a succinct message.”

“We have 3 different product offerings and it gets confusing to customers.”

“We’re not representing the brand well on our demos.”

“We’re getting ghosted.”

“It’s hard to set ourselves apart from our competitors.”

“We’re struggling to differentiate.”

You’re not alone.

Every startup in scale mode is OBSESSED with getting their message to stand apart.

But they run product demos — exactly like their competition.

that doesn’t differentiate at all.

When you have multiple companies with similar products, the buyer picks lowest price or perfect software integration.

But you’re on a mission to scale revenue, scale team members, and scale to your next valuation.

You have a 12-18 month run rate.

You can’t afford to be like everyone else.

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My strategies have been featured in Inc, Huffington Post, Forbes, and more.

I’ve spoken at top accelerators and incubators across the country, and keynoted stages like FUND Conference, Intermitten Conference, and TEDx.

In short, I know how to move an audience.

Now I want to help you move yours.

Hi - I’m RajNATION. YOUR Startup’s Hypeman.

I help your brand find its voice.

  • STOP selling product features and start telling stories

  • Stop talking little league and start pitching big vision

  • Stand apart from your competitors and stand out to your customers

(and ya won’t even have to make sweeping product changes or discount your prices into oblivion)

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“One of the most underrated skills as an entrepreneur is authentic storytelling. Early on, Rajnation helped me develop this skill and without a doubt has made me a stronger entrepreneur. As you can see, Rajiv is a genuine marketing guru, a hypeman of sorts, and I've been fortunate to work with him over the last couple of years.”

-Carson Goodale, CEO & Cofounder of venture-backed FanFood


Make your audience feel like they just heard their favorite song. 

Sound like a good plan?

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I work with startups that need to...

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You get ONE SHOT  at a first impression

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Feel like your pitch is only a 6/10?

Getting to the end of demo calls only to find out they don’t have budget?

ramming your head into the wall trying to figure out how to differentiate?